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About the Website

This website was created to allow people to read David Tulloch's comics and scripts in a more pleasing format than his blog.

David has the vain and vague hope that people will be interested enough in the scripts and comics to at least read some of them. Maybe even draw some of them. Possibly even pay him for some of them (or for something new).

Back in the mid-1990s I wrote for, edited and cheaply published some local comics in Wellington, New Zealand. Most notably the twelve issues of Pistake, a half-size mostly black and white photocopied comic that was fortunate enough to attract the talents of some amazing contributers.

Then Pistake suddenly stopped production. It ran out of gas. I stopped writing comic scripts, went back to university, got a job writing history of science articles for textbooks and encyclopedias, and did other 'adult' kinds of things.

Years later I found myself looking after my young kids and unemployed. An old friend suggested I try writing some comics again. The first script I wrote made him cry. That was a good thing.

So I started to get back into writing comics, whenever the perils of parenting allow. I was churning them out, posting some on my blog, but something was bringing me down. Then, at a local comics event over Easter 2010 I had a revelation. I wasn't really doing comics. Comics have to be drawn. A written script is not a comic. The problem was I have very little artistic talent.

The solution was to take photographs of toys.

So while I would still prefer to be writing for a more traditional, drawn end-product, the ability to illustrate my writing with the help of our large Playmobil collection has given me a new enthusiasm for writing comics. Even those that are impractical to make into photo-comics.

Thankfully, those photos of toys have led to a number of artists drawing various scripts, some of which are already on this site, and more of which will be see soon.

The material on these pages belongs to David Tulloch, and may not be suitable for younger readers.
If you want to use or draw some of it just ask him at david@virtuallycomics.com