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Below are some scripts looking for a home.
If you are interested in using or drawing one of these scripts please contact me at

The Man Who Saved The World

Over There

The Salad Truck

Six-page comic script about an old man recalling the day he saved the word from alien invaders.

Ten-page comic script where a boy talks to his toy soldiers about his problems.

Twelve-page comic script set in an alternate reality where Green politics reign supreme.

and coming soon ...



Hollow Man

The World Animal Space Patrol blast off. Animals save the human race from alien invaders. All in six-page episode format.

A series of short six-page stories set after something has happened. It's fairly easy to work out what, but I'm not going to spoil it.

An old-school epic adventure set under the Earth's crust, as a human fights with and against stranded aliens for love, honour and glory. Six-pages per episode.

The material on these pages belongs to David Tulloch, and may not be suitable for younger readers.
If you want to use or draw some of it just ask him at