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The material on these pages belongs to David Tulloch and Simon Morse, and may not be suitable for younger readers.
If you want to use or draw some of it just ask them at david@virtuallycomics.com





Simon's pencils with the script below.

[ I'm a cop. ]
Close up of the cop, esp. his face. I think he should have the standard cop mustache, and be just a little overweight in the jowls. He is an undercover cop, so he does not wear a uniform.

[ My father was a cop. ]
Photograph picture (from the seventies, so that faded colour you always get in those pictures.) of a similar looking man in a cop uniform from the past. Make sure it looks like a photo, maybe in a frame on a desk, or being held.

[ His father,... well, he was a loser. ]
The grandfather, looking like a failed 50s greaser, with the elvis hair, sideburns, etc. But obviously not doing well.
[ A low-life street hustler with more grease in his hair than money in his pocket. ]

[ Grand-daddy was an inspiration to the family. He showed what a life of petty crime got you... ]
Granddad getting the snot beaten out of him buy some heavies.
[ ... Jail-time, a string of ex-wives, knife wounds, bad tattoos, and a dark, bitter taste in your mouth every morning. ]

[ So my father became a cop... ]
Long frame that's a homage to the ape to man evolution icon, except showing grand-dad (slouching) to dad (cop in uniform, slightly bent over) to our 'hero' as undercover cop.
[ ... and I followed in his flat footsteps. ]