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The material on these pages belongs to David Tulloch and Simon Morse, and may not be suitable for younger readers.
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Simon's pencils with the script below.

[ There are two codes I live by. ]
The cop interrogating one of the thugs, Frenchy, from last time. Frenchy looks worse for wear, with bandages, a cast, sticking plasters and bruises.
Cop: "Who did this to you, Frenchy?"
Frenchy: "I told ya, some crazy guy."
[ Look out for yourself. Look out for your partner. ]

[ My partner is lying in a hospital bed breathing through a tube... ]
Cop: "So a crazy guy beat up you and my partner and left all the money just lying there!?!"
Frenchy: "Yeah, he was a loon."
[ ... and I could be in deep, hot water if I don't find who put him there. ]

[ Nothing is going to get in my way. ]
The cop smacking around the helpless Frenchy, with a backhand to the face.
Cop: "Don't get smart-mouthed with me, Frenchy!"
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