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The material on these pages belongs to David Tulloch and Simon Morse, and may not be suitable for younger readers.
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Simon's pencils with the script below.

[ I will get him. ]
Close up of the cop's stern face.

[ Whoever this unarmed, maniac vigilante is, I will get him. ]
Pan out so we see the cop walking on the mean streets.

[ I don't have a choice. ]
The cop roughing up a street punk.
Cop: "Listen up, punk ..."
[ I have my two codes to live by... ]

[ Look after yourself. Look after your partner. ]
The cop with two thugs at his feet while he works over a third in a bar or similar setting.
Cop: "Spread the word, losers ...!"
[ He's all but killed my partner. For that alone he has to pay. ]

The cop, once again using heavy handed tactics on some poor unsuspecting lowlife.
Cop: "I'm after the no-armed man that got my partner."
[ But he also busted up our armored van robbery scheme. ]

5/6 [ Frenchy and the boys will stay quiet. They know who I work for. ] The cop threatening Frenchy with a gun to his head. Frenchy being scared and compliant.
Cop: "Stay quiet. Remember what happened to Smitty."
Frenchy: "Whatever you say, boss."