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The material on these pages belongs to David Tulloch and Simon Morse, and may not be suitable for younger readers.
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Simon's pencils with the script below.

[ But this madman. What does he know? ]
The cop walking on the mean streets, looking around at fearful faces.
[ He knew enough to take out Steve. How did he figure out that he was part of the robbery? ]

[ I'm a cop. My father was a cop. My grand-daddy was a no-good petty thief. ]
The father cop talking to the son (our 'hero')... if you can have the grand-daddy there as well, maybe being handcuffed and taken away by other cops, or just sitting in a chair looking sad for himself.
[ That's what my father taught me... ]

[ He told me, "Don't be a petty thief, son." ]
This panel will be repeated in the next episode even though it has nothing to do with this one. The cop walking past SN's box ... also a 'woman' walking a baby in a push buggy. We meet the 'woman' and the pram in the next episode.
[ Be the biggest damn crook you can. ]