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The material on these pages belongs to David Tulloch and Simon Morse, and may not be suitable for younger readers.
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Simon's pencils with the script below.

Bystanders stand by the injured 'woman' and pram. You can do this page as a series of frames, or as a large borderless page, just as long as all the people have a distinct look, as they will all be shown again in the next two pages.

S (young girl): "That helmeted man attacked her!"
T (businessman): "Oh my soul!"
U (woman): "That poor woman!"
V (a priest):"That madman attacked that young mother."
W (another woman): "What sort of world are we living in ... "
X (yet another woman): "We'll all be murdered in our beds ..."
Y (old man): "It's those new violent video games. In my day we had wholesome games ... like Space Invaders, Pacman and Pong."
Z (little weedy man): "I blame the government."
Baby: (burp!)